This 1930s brownstone sits on a treelined block in Bed-Stuy that maintains much of its historical charm. Phase One of the project is a gut renovation of the second and third floors, aimed at creating a more efficient use of space. The goal of the project was to provide more individual space for each member of the family. Unique spaces were designed, including a Peloton niche, a video game alcove, and a closet dedicated equally as a wardrobe and a home for a cherished record collection. A Phase Two will tackle the public zones of the house on the lower floors - the kitchen, dining, and living areas.

Having lived through one renovation that didn't quite work after a few years, the client had very specific ideas of how the house needed to change to work for their family. The top two floors of the home were redesigned to dedicate separate spaces for parents and kids. Knowing that this home would likely be their forever home - at least for the foreseeable future - it was important that the kids have both communal and individual spaces that could grow and transform as they age into teenagers. For the parents, it was important to provide quiet and comfortable spaces for respite from their hectic daily lives.

The design of this house is very much specific to the character and day-to-day use of the residents. The whimsical aesthetic of the client was an important aspect of the interior design brought to life by Fearins | Welch. Playful use of color, bold tile and wallpaper patterns, and quirky custom furniture create a unique composition with a timeless vibe. The house gives the client and their kids spaces for retreat, play, and room to grow.

This project was published in House Beautiful.



1,350 sf (Phase One)



Brendan Coburn

Jean Luc Torchon, Claire Leavengood-Boxer, Amy Courtney

CWB Interiors

Eran Lotzky, E.L. Contracting

J. Callahan Consulting, Inc.

Christian Martos, Martos Engineering

Jessica Antola, Rachael Stollar