This young company focuses on the dog owner who feels that pets are family, recently developing several branches of the business including monthly product box subscriptions, outreach for pet adoption, dog-friendly live events, and a related media outlet. The client was situated on two floors of a 6-story building in lower Manhattan. With a quickly growing staff and new departments, they looked to CWB to help formulate a master plan for future expansion into three additional floors within their building and an immediate fit-out of the entire second floor. CWB prepared a master plan for all five floors that could accommodate maximum desk density, while also allowing for programs such as event hosting, photo and video studios, meeting rooms, and informal gathering spaces. Key to this company’s office vision was providing a safe and dog-friendly environment, as many employees bring their dogs to work daily.

CWB’s charge was to embrace two facets of Scandinavian design: clean lines and “hygge” – a Danish idea of coziness where employees can feel like family members. The design embraces white finishes, but the plan allows for special moments that encourage small informal meetings and surprising dog-friendly amenities. The need for large amounts of merchandise and test-product storage was addressed by utilizing space under lofts and stepped seating. The second floor is ensconced in the Chinatown neighborhood fabric, as the floor-to-ceiling windows provide a connection to the eclectic surroundings. Tourists and passersby can now engage the company from the street level and are encouraged to enter and enjoy the second floor reception area that features new products for sale.

This project was published on and Office Snapshots.


New York, NY



Jason Boutin

Leah Solk, Malachi Connolly, Jonathan Munoz

Debois Design

Major Construction Management Inc.

Newtec Engineering, LLC

Code LLC

Rachael Stollar