The project is the design of a pavilion, which functions as a piano room and small office that can also be utilized as a guest room in a pinch.

The client is a former musical director of Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights. She is a gifted pianist who draws great joy from playing her piano. Her husband is an attorney and historian. The structure echoes the owner’s intentions and needs with an organic aesthetic; curves reflect the artistry of the piano and diagonals suggest the studiousness of scholarly reflection. Functionally, the project engages the owners in the surrounding environment with features like the lily pond, deck, planters, large windows, and skylight. The slatted roof of the deck in conjunction with the use of soft, light wood as a building material merges the indoors and outdoors in a balanced awareness of space.

A distinguishing characteristic of the interior is the use of a Buchanan tartan plaid wool on the custom sofa. Buchanan is an old family name for one of the clients and the sofa design is based on a vintage sofa that the couple saw in Ireland on vacation.

The owners are visited almost every weekend by their children and their six granddaughters. The pavilion is a space that complements the main house; it is both a place to go for music and repose, and an oasis to view from the main house.  Landscape elements like the lily pond, planters and broad steps for sitting on connect the pavilion to the house, pool and garden, creating a seamless flow from family gatherings and entertainment to a rejuvenating area.

The pavilion is unique and personal; it is tailored for the clients' needs and highlights their identity.


Quogue, NY

460 sf



Brendan Coburn

Jesse Fearins, Yuliya Ilizarov, Abdou Ndoye

CWB Interiors

Grigg & Davis Engineers, PC

Len Granelli of Katlenco Enterprises, Inc

Rachael Stollar