CWB was asked to reanimate the drab vibe of this 1910 wood-frame rowhouse and to update it for use as a single-family home. Over its 100-plus year life, the exterior had been buried underneath layers of vinyl and aluminum siding, while the inside had been damaged by years of landlord modifications and even a fire, which was evident on the underlying wood structure. CWB oversaw a complete renovation in which every part of the house was re-built new. To help the building slip inconspicuously into the Williamsburg streetscape, the original wood cornice - which had been hidden under siding for decades - was reinstalled on the new facade.

Inside, the aesthetic provides a warm, neutral base, with pops of color and whimsy throughout the house coming from furnishings, rugs, and drapery. Reclaimed wood flooring, refined oak millwork, and colorful patterned tile play off one another. The decor (provided by Brooklyn-based Jesse Parris-Lamb Interior Design) is an eclectic mix of mid-20thcentury classics, exquisite fabrics, and antique treasures sourced from India. The open living space of the ground floor is connected to the family room on the floor above by a central 2-story millwork piece. Beginning as the kitchen pantry, the millwork transforms into a stack of bookshelves that follows the path of the stairs up through the floors above, anchoring the adjacent spaces to the path of circulation.

The ground floor living room opens through a set of oversized sliding doors to the landscaped rear yard, which provides an area for warm-weather dining and is also the family dog's favorite space. The roof is accessed through a bulkhead clad in weathering steel panels and shaded by a lightweight steel and cedar pergola covered in vines. The lush rooftop overflows during the summer with vegetables and provides an intimate hangout space.

This project was featured in The American House: 100 Contemporary Homes and The Financial Times.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn



Brendan R. Coburn

Yuliya Ilizarov, Scott Kunstadt

Jesse Parris-Lamb Interior Design

Alive Structures

RA Consultants LLC

New York Engineers

Tocci Engineering PLLC

EP Engineering LLC

J. Callahan Consulting

Creative Renovations

Rachael Stollar