CWB Architects is an architecture and interior design firm based in Brooklyn and known for its adept and artful blend of historic renovation and modern design. Led by principals Brendan Coburn, Ward Welch, and Jason Boutin, our collaborative team consists of creative and thoughtful professionals passionate about the power of design to address client and community goals, improve lives, and enhance user experience.

Since 1995, CWB has steadily grown from a two-person shop to a mid-size firm with award-winning residential, commercial, and institutional projects throughout the tri-state area.


CWB has broad experience renovating buildings, especially those built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We are skilled at finding creative and economic ways to build on their strengths and amend inherent weaknesses. CWB has completed over a hundred major renovations of historic buildings, as well as new buildings within historic districts and contexts. We believe in the value and importance of preservation in maintaining the building fabric of a community, in addition to its continuing economic viability.

We are architects deeply observant of the continued beauty and utility of historic architecture, planning, and landscape design. We appreciate the principles that created them and are keenly aware of how these buildings function and evolve. We are also a thoroughly modern practice— committed to designing projects that are of our time and will serve to provide better living now and in the future.


Headed by Brendan Coburn, Ward Welch, and Jason Boutin, the CWB team is composed of a group of creative, bright, and passionate individuals. Our mid-size, dog-filled office features individuals from a far-ranging set of backgrounds and disciplines, all of of whom bring an important contribution to the CWB process.