We are always looking for creative professionals who thrive in a collaborative environment. We are currently seeking to fill the following positions. Please send your resume and work samples (10MB or less) to careers@cwbarchitects.com.

Licensed architect or non-registered graduate with at least five years of post-graduate experience and familiarity with the firm’s project typology. Manages one or more projects. The Project Manager position holds the responsibility for ensuring their assigned project(s) are run effectively. Responsible for all aspects of projects, including: product research, consultant coordination, design documentation, production management, budgeting, billing, and scheduling. PMs may supervise and delegate tasks to a small staff of architects and designers. The Project Manager is responsible for facilitating the project design process by assisting the Project Architect and team designers to monitor the work effort and fee and maintain overall quality control of the product and provided service. Project leader responsible for the final product: ensures quality control, tracks fee, maintains schedule, plans drawing reviews by Principals.


Project management:

  • Establish project sequence and specific milestone dates; assist in preparation of fee and construction cost estimates; review of all regulatory applications, processes, and codes and development of strategies for compliance.
  • Responsible for all aspects of projects: client communication, product research, consultant coordination, design documentation, production management, budgeting, billing, scheduling.
  • Work with Project Principal, develop and document initial project parameters including schedule, fee, preliminary construction budget and project team. Assemble, organize, and delegate tasks to project team.
  • Meet with Precise monthly to review project financials and schedule.
  • Coordinate, prepare for, and participate in periodic drawing set reviews with Technical Director and CDO.


  • Mentor and encourage development of the four skills (management, design, communication, technical) in Designers, Interns, and other junior staff.
  • Assist the Principals and Firm Management team to maintain and develop project standards.
  • Depending on the size and scope of the job, act as (NON-DRAFTING) Project Architect; or assist/manage project design progress of Project Architect.
  • Attend initial client meetings until project has been defined, and as needed during the construction pricing process. Attend construction site meetings as needed.


  • First professional degree – B.Arch or M.Arch
  • Five or more years’ experience, with at least two years working as a Project Architect or in a similar position with primary responsibility for general project progress and team leadership.
  • Licensed in New York State (not required, but preferred).
  • Ability to manage more than one project through delegation.
  • Solid understanding of the components and sequencing of the project design process and contract management process.
  • Ability to communicate clearly, consistently, and often with project team, project principal, and client.
  • Organized; schedule and process oriented.
  • Working knowledge of Vectorworks (CAD) and Microsoft Office.

Project Designer is an entry-level position with a broad range of duties depending upon the level of experience. It is a training position for unlicensed architectural school graduates, intent on developing the skills necessary to adequately perform the job of a Project Architect. The basic requirements of the position involve performing various production oriented and project administrative tasks. A Project Designer may be working toward licensure.

A Project Designer will primarily work under the supervision of a Project Architect but may also work directly with a Project Manager or Principal depending on the size of the project. Designers may also work on a variety of project types and for different Project Architects or Project Managers.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Working under the direction of a Project Architect or Project Manager, execute general production and project administrative tasks. Primarily this will involve the preparation of working documents.
  • Attend project team, client meetings, and site meetings as necessary.
  • Assist the Project Architect or Project Manager to maintain project files, specifically CAD files.
  • Prepare presentation drawings, models as appropriate.
  • Prepare schematic design drawings, models and renderings, working drawings and specifications.
  • Assist in project coordination.
  • Take initiative to learn new skills and gain exposure to all aspects of project work.
  • Familiarize self with and adhere to CWB project standards.


  • First professional degree – B.Arch or M.Arch (recommended but not required).
  • Any work experience a plus including construction experience.
  • General ability to draw and visualize in 3-dimensions.
  • Working knowledge of Photoshop, Vectorworks (CAD), and Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to draw by hand, render or make models is a plus.
  • Demonstrated desire to continue professional development and learn new skills necessary to project advancement.
  • General ability to show good judgment, common sense, readily ask questions, execute work quickly, listen, and take direction.


Salary shall be commensurate with experience.