Featured in House Beautiful

Featured in House Beautiful


One of our recently completed Brooklyn row house projects was recently featured in House Beautiful. Designed for two busy professionals, Stacie Billis (cookbook author/food editor and host of the podcast Didn’t I Just Feed You) and Michael Lebowitz (founder and CEO of Big Spaceship) and their two boys, in collaboration with Fearins | Welch Interior Design - we helped them transform the private spaces of their home and infuse them with personality. We turned oft neglected corners of the row house typology into hyper specific nooks - including a cushy alcove at the stair landing, now the favorite spot for family movie nights. The husband's walk-in closet became a cavern designed for the enjoyment of books and records. The residence is filled with charming design touches that spark the imagination, like the wall coverings in the respective children's rooms, one inspired by the magical woods in Harry Potter, the other a basketball-inspired mural by artist DJ Schmidt of Crispy & Clean. Read the full article here.