Watermill Farmhouse
We doubled the size of this Victorian farmhouse in Watermill, New York by designing an addition that added 2,500 square feet. The addition featured more spacious rooms and improved circulation for a family that would use it full-time during the summer. The finished house receives considerably more light than before.

The original section of the house is separated from the newer section by a swath of East-West circulation space that provides access to both the parking court and the pool. This space is bookended by a stair tower on each end. We added new finishes to the entire exterior, including cedar shingles on the roof and sides and new shutters.


LOCATION   |   Watermill, New York
SIZE   |   5500 sf
YEAR COMPLETE   |   1996
SCOPE   |   Renovation and 2500 sf addition to a Victorian farmhouse.


PARTNER IN CHARGE   |   Brendan Coburn
PROJECT TEAM   |   Rich Grisaru, Conrad Ello
CONTRACTOR   |   Mill Creek Construction
PHOTOGRAPHER   |   Catherine Tighe