Thai Style Southampton
Nature provided extraordinary vistas for this house in Southampton, which is built on a narrow strip of land bounded by Shinnecock Bay to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. The client was intent on building a house with a distinctly Asian flavor, styled after houses he’d seen in Thailand and Japan. Because the site is surrounded by wetlands and the fragile ecosystem they support, the zoning board prescribed an extremely tight building envelope. The house is built on wood pilings and the exterior is finished in mahogany siding, chosen for its durability in salty air and harsh elements — and because it recalls the Thai houses the client admired.


LOCATION   |   Southampton
SIZE   |   4000 sf
YEAR COMPLETE   |   2004
SCOPE   |   Design and construction of an Asian vernacular-inspired beach house.


PARTNER IN CHARGE   |   Ward Welch
PROJECT TEAM   |   Elizabeth Beidler
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER   |   Steve Maresca Engineer, PE
CONTRACTOR   |   James V. Zizzi Constructing Corp.
PHOTOGRAPHER   |   Catherine Tighe