Soho Serene
Design work began in late 2005 on the renovation of this loft, the site of a former clothing factory in a turn-of-the-century, cast-iron building in SoHo. The client, a couple with an interest in travel, the arts, and cooking, wanted a sophisticated space in which they could entertain on a large scale. The primary objectives were to provide a large, modern and open kitchen, update the bathrooms, develop an organizational scheme for the client’s many books and collections, and to provide a home office and small guest bedroom.

The finished product maintains the industrial flavor of the original building, yet possesses a modern flair and a serene elegance. Extensive plumbing was hidden within the raised floor, making the open kitchen an elevated focal point. Stainless steel countertops, appliances, and hardware, and glass-fronted cabinetry lend the room a sleek culinary vibe. A key design strategy was to expose the original ceiling throughout the space, giving it an open and airy feeling and emphasizing the natural light. Translucent glass panels between the two bathrooms direct natural light into the land-locked second bath.


LOCATION   |   SoHo, Manhattan
SIZE   |   2600 sf
YEAR COMPLETE   |   2007
SCOPE   |   Renovation of an existing 5th floor loft apartment and roof.


PARTNER IN CHARGE   |   Ward Welch
PROJECT TEAM   |   Brian Hagood
EXPEDITOR   |   J. Callahan Consulting, Inc.
CONTRACTOR   |   Quicksilver Fox Construction
PHOTOGRAPHER   |   Hulya Kolabas