Midtown Advertising Agency
CWB Architects was engaged to complete the interior renovations for this midtown-advertising agency. The job encompassed 18,000 sq. ft. of space on three floors and the directive was both to capture and enhance the creative culture of the firm. Encasing a centrally located conference room in expanded metal mesh lends it an open feel conducive to collaborative work.

We employed a simple tectonic strategy, making use of a mixture of ordinary building materials in unusual ways, frequently integrating raw industrial elements to offset a neutral backdrop. Acrylic panels were used to create translucent wall structures.

The design of an open cafeteria with a casual atmosphere breaks down the divide between management and staff. It doubles as a venue for group events, and benefits from abundant natural light. An elliptical lounge wrapped in acrylic panels and equipped with a built-in banquette that appears to float along the room’s perimeter was designed to create a unique space for inner-office interaction and private meetings.


LOCATION   |   Midtown Manhattan
SIZE   |   17600 sf
YEAR COMPLETE   |   2007
SCOPE   |   Modern interior renovation of a 3-floor office space.


PARTNER IN CHARGE   |   Jason Boutin
PROJECT TEAM   |   Brendan Coburn, Jesse Fearins, Chloe Cerwinka
EXPEDITOR   |   Simon Rodkin, PC
CONTRACTOR   |   CP Construction Corp, Mega Construction, Tri-Star Construction, Emmanuel Delalain
PHOTOGRAPHER   |   Catherine Tighe, Hulya Kolabas