Since 1995, CWB Architects has steadily grown its practice from a two-person shop focused on historic row house renovations into a multi-disciplinary architecture, preservation, and interior design firm with projects throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, and the East End.

Our strengths lie in residential architecture adapted for modern living, and commercial and institutional spaces crafted for collaboration and productivity. Adept in historic renovation and modern design, our substantial practical experience and sophisticated design sensibilities ensure imaginative solutions that, in the end, seem effortless.

As a mid-sized firm, we have the ability to provide daily, hands-on project management at the principal level. Our collaborative team consists of three principals, supported by 25+ talented associates and staff. In addition, we maintain relationships with qualified consulting engineers, expeditors, and other specialists in the construction industry. We have extensive experience in the renovation and adaptive reuse of buildings of all types with a particular strength in landmark districts.


Good design is not the superficial application of finishes on complicated forms. Rather, it is the conscientious development of image and form within a project’s physical and philosophical contexts; it is the result of a thorough understanding of the program, thoughtful planning, and an appropriate use of materials and methods.

Our primary objective is to identify and implement simple, elegant design solutions using materials and methods that are in common practice, while looking for opportunities to use them in interesting and unexpected ways. We strive for completed work that appears effortless and engenders a sense of belonging and appropriateness in its context.

Every client is assigned a specific design team that stays with the project from start of design through to the completion of construction. Headed by a partner and a licensed architect, each team maintains an open and ongoing dialogue with the client, and throughout the process we continually balance the requirements of budget, schedule, and mechanical infrastructure. We value good design and though we structure our efforts to maintain attention to all aspects of the building process, it is ultimately the design quality of the finished building that our clients value and enjoy the most.


Headed by Brendan Coburn, Ward Welch, and Jason Boutin, the CWB team is composed of a group of creative, bright, and passionate individuals. Our 28 person, 7 dog office features individuals from a far-ranging set of backgrounds and disciplines, all of of whom bring an important contribution to the CWB process.