Our primary objective at CWB Architects is to identify simple and elegant solutions for design problems. We use materials and methods that are in common practice and look for opportunities to use them in interesting and unexpected ways. Our completed works appear effortless and engender a sense of belonging and appropriateness in their context.

We rely on our substantial practical experience and utilitarian sensibilities when developing design solutions. Once we assess clients’ project goals, needs and economic parameters, we begin our analysis of the internal and external forces that may affect the outcome. We consider variables of form and proportion, light and texture and the role the building or space plays in the context of its neighborhood.

Budget, schedule, mechanical infrastructure and maintenance are concerns with every architecture and design project. But across the board, our clients tell us it is the individual design quality of the finished project that they remember most. As a mid-sized firm, we are able to provide daily, hands-on project management at the principal level. Every client is assigned a specific design team which is up-to-date on all stages of the project including: planning, design and technical operations. We consider a consistent open dialog with the client an important and ongoing part of the process.